Presenting…PoP Campaign


Think pop isn’t political? Meet PoP Campaign.

It can be sheer luck what submissions I’m able to get through on this blog. A few days back, my jaw dropped as I watched a video called ‘Maggie’s Farmers’ from PoP Campaign. They’re not letting this out to the public -yet-but I’m chomping at the bit to be able to share that with you.

PoP Campaign are Exclamation Mark and Anna Gram (possibly not what it says on their birth certificates, but we’ll let that pass). They met in Glasgow, spent time in Berlin and are now based in London. And amongst their influences they include Krautrock, Human League, Madonna and Acid House. I would be willing to bet that they enjoy Run Lola Run, Christiane F, Goodbye Lenin! and the work of Fritz Lang.

They released their debut album Kraut Popping earlier this year, and their new album is entitled Britain Isn’t Working. You can buy these on Amazon, iTunes and eMusic and stream on Spotify. This track is from the latter and is entitled ‘ASBOlutely Filthy.’

You can stream more of their tunes over here at Soundcloud

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