Christmas Posts 2012 #9



Had today off work with the intention of spending it with Mrs. and son 17 Seconds to go shopping and exploring town at this time of year.

What I did NOT have in mind was feeling like death, and feeling lethargic. Bugger.

Ah well.

Today’s post comes from Wounded Knee, a free track that he gave away a few years ago entitled ‘Cold Enough For Snow.’ In his own words, he is a singer, experimental vocalist and occasional children’s entertainer based in Edinburgh who has been active since 2004. In the small world that is the Edinburgh music scene, I used to work with him in Fopp, alongside members of eagleowl, Woodpigeon, X-Vectors, Usurper and the Prats.

Wounded Knee -‘Cold Enough For Snow.’ mp3

You can hear more of Drew Wright’s work here. My favourite album his remains Shimmering New Vistas. His website is here and I am involved in putting on a gig featuring him and others in 2013. Watch this space…

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