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So, there’s no shortage of lists for artists set to have 2013 as their big year. Can being on these lists be a blessing or a curse? That might depend if you are an act like Adele or one like The Bravery, both acts who have been winners of these lists. But as you’re almost certainly aware, one went massive, the other, well…

I’m really hoping that, one the basis of the tracks I have heard so far, Laura Mvula will be one of those for whom it is a blessing. Because what has been suggested to be a combination of The Blue Nile and Steely Dan is an unusual mix, but one that Mrs. Mvula (her married name) carries with flair and style.

Gospeldelia is the name The Guardian have given her music, and I think it’s rather apt. Like Amy Winehouse- who was clearly a big inspiration, she may not be a jazz singer per se, but she certainly takes a lot from Jazz.

Her debut album Sing To The Moon is out on March 4, the tracklisting is as follows:

Like The Morning Dew
Make Me Lovely
Green Garden
Can’t live with the world
Is There Anybody Out There
Father Father
That’s Alright
What The Weather Will Be
Sing To The Moon
Flying Without You

..oh, and just for the record, I wasn’t sent anything by a PR company, I like what I hear enough to want to write about it.

Update: January 7. This track has just been made available to stream:

Green Garden

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