Album Review: Universal Sex Arena


Universal Sex Arena -‘Women Will Be Girls.’ (Gran Donna)

This is the debut album from the Italian six-piece. The first impression is that the band have been influenced by the Nuggets compilation, and a mixture of both 60s psychedelia and garage-rock from the same era informs the sound, with a bit of surf guitar thrown in for good measure setting the template for the album.

And it’s not a bad album by any means. There are some very good tracks in the likes of album opener ‘Drum Affaire’ and ‘Brain Ferry’ and the slightly slower ‘Waltz For Lou.’

The problem is that fifteen tracks in 53 minutes of this stuff is just a bit too hard to take in one sitting, and I can’t help feeling it would be a stronger album if paired down slightly and in the era of people buying their music from download stores there is the possibility for listeners to exert their own quality control). And the cover art is just sexist, and if it’s meant to be ironic, it’s not communicated clearly enough…


Women Will Be Girls is released on Gran Donna on February 11.

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