The return of Kurt Vile


Yay! Maker of one of 2011′s finest LPs, Smoke Ring For My Halo, Kurt Vile will release the follow-up, Waking On A Pretty Daze on April 8.

It’s a 69-minute long double album (presumably that’s vinyl, rather than CD, but that’s what we prefer around 17 Seconds towers, anyway). The tracklisting is as follows:


Side A:
1. Wakin On A Pretty Day
2. KV Crimes
3. Was All Talk

Side B:
4. Girl Called Alex
5. Never Run Away
6. Pure Pain

Side C:
7. Too Hard
8. Shame Chamber
9. Snowflakes Are Dancing

Side D:
10. Air Bud
11. Goldtone

Below here is a video for the opening track ‘Wakin’ On A Pretty Day’ (almost a title track, check the spelling!). This is not the official video for the track, which will apparently be revealed in good time.

Kurt Vile-’Wakin’ On A Pretty Day.’ mp3

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