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Inc. -‘No World.’ (4AD)

Blimey, when the brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged decided to name their band inc. they clearly weren’t intending on makin it easy for people to look for them using search engines, were they?

Well, that aside, may I suggest that you make every attempt to track down their debut album, No World, because it is absolutely gorgeous. According to the press release it’s inspired by their love of r&b and soul music. There was a time when it would have seemed unlikely that 4AD would be putting out albums like this, but it makes sense in 2013, if we can talk about the last few years as being post-hypnagogic… *blush*

To me, what messrs Aged and Aged have done is a record that takes the aforementioned soul and r&b influences, adding a love of Prince, Cocteau Twins and Boards of Canada (don’t believe me? Well, you’d better listen to the album, then, hadn’t you?) and produces a debut that at first listen might seem slight but by the second or third will hook you in.

Tracks like ‘Black Wings’ and ‘Desert rose (war prayer)’ might be the highlights but I want to go back and play it again. Now. If there is any justice, this will be not just a critical hit, but a commercial one, too. It’s up to you…


No World is out on 4AD on February 18.

Stream the album here

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