Christmas Posts 2017 part 5 – John Cale

So, a couple of weeks ago, on my birthday (41, since you ask), the soon to be Mrs. 17 Seconds and I popped into town for a nose round the charity shops. She picked up a CD for 50p that had been free with Mojo magazine which had a number of Christmas cuts on it I had not heard before. One of which was Superchunk’s take on ‘A Child’s Christmas In Wales.’

‘A Child’s Christmas In Wales’ is inspired by Dylan Thomas rather than actually being an adaptation of his work A Child’s Christmas In Wales. Cale has, in fact, recorded a number of Thomas’s poems (see his excellent 1992 live album Fragments Of A Rainy Season for versions of ‘On A Wedding Anniversary,’ ‘ Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed’ and ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’). Cale’s song ‘A Child’s Christmas In Wales’ first appeared on his 1973 album Paris 1919. It’s the opening to a glorious and rather underrated album.

Whilst searching for clips for this piece, I found that erstwhile Cale collaborator Nico had also covered the song; according to the essential read James Young’s Nico: Songs They Never Play On The Radio, Cale and Nico covered this together.

Finally, that Superchunk cover. As far as I can tell it was recorded for the Mojo CD – and doesn’t look like it’s been made commercially available. Enjoy!

A song for today


Superchunk’s first album in ten years Majesty Shredding has been getting quite a few plays around 17 Seconds Towers of late.

Whilst they were a band I was aware of in the nineties, my interest has been piqued, and with the BBC’s Vic Galloway giving quite a few spins to single and album opener ‘Digging For Something’ I will certainly be investigating further.

For now, check out the video for ‘Digging For Something’…is that the nineties revival I hear building up, or just some kick-ass rock’n’roll?

Either way…

Stream the whole album here. I’ll be putting up my own review of it very soon. Go and buy it!

Superchunk -‘Digging For Something.’ mp3