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To be fair, as I write this, this Monday has been okay so far. It’s not been unbearably hot, a minumum of work-related hassle, and no nasty letters when I got in the door. In fact, I’m quite chilled out and relaxed. Long may it last! Holidays are not so far away and the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe are imminent too. Hooray! I acn’t even get upset about the fact that this evening it seems impossible to upload images to the blog. Hell, it’s all about the writing and the msuic, yes?

Here are some covers for people to get their teeth into. Remember: if you like a track, support the artist by buying the records (unless it’s internet only, in which case, try and support the artist in any way you can). And obviously, if you don’t know the original, GO AND INVESTIGATE!

First up, Calexico’s cover of Alone Again Or by Love. Originally on Love’s Forever Changes album, Calexico do it in their own style. Bring it on (and bang a gong, if it makes you happy).

Calexico – ‘Alone Again Or.’ mp3

Before I introduce this next track, it should be pointed out that this cover of a Magnetic Fields song should under no circumstances be seen as an endorsement of taking drugs. Okay?

!!! – ‘Take Ecstasy With Me.’ mp3

Cover versions can take on bizarre new meanings (or not) when covered by the opposite sex (See also: the Raincoats covering Lola by The Kinks)

White Stripes – ‘Jolene(live).’ mp3

The original of this track (I really, REALLY should not have to point out the blindingly obvious, but it’s a cover version of ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ by the Smiths) came out twenty years ago. I was pointed in the direction of this version by one of my then co-workers in a record shop in Edinburgh. Mark, wherever you are, thank you.

Schneider TM – ‘The Light 3000.’ mp3

The mere thought of this song, in the hands of anyone, sends a shiver of horror down my spine when I think of its’ subject matter. Add Elizabeth Fraser’s voice to that…

Cocteau Twins – ‘Strange Fruit.’ mp3

Hope people liked Canasta’s cover of The Model last week (see earlier posting). This is a live version from their website of the second track on Belle and sebastian’s If You’re Feeling Sinister.

Canasta – ‘Seeing Other People(live).’ mp3

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