CSS or Canseidesersexy…you decide!

Hello again. Haven’t posted for a few days due to a lot going on. On the positive side, my girlfriend and I are now proud to be owned by two very lovely, lively naughty kittens. However, other hassles, shall we say, have had to be addressed.


The picture at the top of the page is of CSS (as it says on their record label subpop‘s site (and indeed their own site. However, their myspace page is www.myspace.com/canseidesersexy. Given the sheer problems I have had trying to tyoe that url in, maybe CSS is best.

They come from Sau Paulo, Brazil. I know no more than I like very much what I hear (and can glean from the aforementioned websites). You will too, especially if you like electro or dance or indie-pop (as distinct to indie). If you enjoyed the Postal Service stuff last week (see earlier post) or even like stuff like Felix Da Housecat go check it out. The album Can Sei Der Ser Sexy is out now. Sau Paulo seems to have quite an underground music scene, and the eighties version was documented on the rather fab ‘Sexual Life Of The Savages‘ LP that came out on Soul Jazz last year. This track is brilliant!

CSS -‘Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above.’ mp3

If you like that, head to their myspace page where there is the just as amazing ‘Meeting Paris Hilton’.

As always, if you like what you hear: GO AND BUY IT!

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