Duke Spirit-soon to be a familiar name

Sorry. It’s been a long day – I’ve had two interviews and my brain is just MUSH. Too mush to type an exciting heading. Anyway, whilst I type distractedly, two lovely playful kittens demonstrate not only how wonderful they are but how good they are at gettinng into small nooks and crannies…

There are some bands that are on the radar, make great albums, and you buy said albums, enjoy them, see the bands’ gigs and/or support slots, and are pleased when they make the end of year polls. I’m a bit embarassed to admit I have only started listening to The Duke Spirit again in the last week or so, but I have started listening to them in the last week, and I remember why I fell for them in the first place. Guess I’m sometimes a bit fickle with my music loves. Leila Moss certainly packs a punch live and on record with the band. They seemed to be a support band of choice at a certain time last year (in a six week period I saw them twice supporting in Glasgow; the first gig was Mercury Rev, the second Kasabian). If you enjoyed the Sons and Daughters post earlier, give this a try.

The Duke Spirit -‘Cuts Across the Land.’ mp3
Buy Cuts Across The Land

Don;t forgte to check their myspace site too, which has more downloads and streams.

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