Great cover versions

Felt like posting some cover versions – but decided that would I would post the videos!

The first time I ever saw The Futureheads was April 2004. They were playing in edinburgh at the Venue (now gone, no doubt to be turned into executive flats that no-one I know can possibly affprd. Grrr). I went with my brother, and the gig was pretty poorly attended. Shame, because they played an absolute blinder, as far as we were concerned. I remember watching a grin break over my brother’s face as it started to dawn on him what the song was. A year later, it was a top ten hit. Apparently Kate Bush loves it, and rang to tell the band this. Stop being so goddamn precious.

The Futureheads – Hounds of Love

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I first heard this next song in 1996, on a homemade compilation tape I had borrowed. I loved the Cocteau Twins and this is one of Liz Fraser’s best ever vocal performances. A while later, at Kensington Market in London (another place that has gine! Is nothing sacred?) I found the album this comes from, This Mortal Coil’s It’ll End In Tears. On vinyl, natch. The Gods were smiling. Tim Buckley’s original version should also be tracked down. (yes, he was Jeff’s Dad. Come on, keep up).

Song to the Siren

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Finally, a discussion about great cover versions when I worked in a record shop led to me hearing about this track. This cover, which I did post as an mp3 in an earlier, er, post truly defines why great covers are great covers. It reinvents the song, and remains just as heartbreaking as the original. One day in Germany I spent an entire afternoon trying to find this without success, and ended up getting the Rough Trade Shops Electronic 01 compilation instead which has it. I have no idea what Morrissey makes of this, but if you don’t have The Queen Is Dead, The Smiths’ third and greatest album, you are letting yourself and the whole class down.

Schneider TM – The Light 3000

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