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The last few days have been pretty busy around my inbox, as I try and fail to keep up to date and get to grips with everything I’m sent. Much as I cannot wait to get my hands on the new LPs from White Lies (already out) and Franz Ferdinand (out next week), there’s also new and exciting stuff being sent my way. And with the January blues permeting this little corner of Scotland, maybe it’s best I listen to something a little more upbeat than Mono, for example, who I love, but tend to make me wallow than quit the blues.

One of the incoming tracks is 4AD’s signing of Kent band It Hugs Back. this track actually made it to that alll-important no.48 position in the 2008 17 Seconds Festive Fifty.

It Hugs back -‘Work Day.’ mp3


Also arriving into the 17 Seconds inbox is the Whitest Boy Alive, whose sophomore album Rules will be released on their own label on March 30. I’m really loving this. I think you will, too.

The Whitest Boy Alive -‘ Island.’ mp3

This post was meant to appear on Wednesday evening, then the net went down. Ah well…

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