Album Review: Bricolage


Bricolage -‘Bricolage’ (Creeping Bent)

After a trio of fantastic singles ‘Footsteps’ ‘Looting Takes The Wanting Out Of Waiting’ and ‘The Waltzers’ (all included here), Bricolage have released their debut LP. And, like many of the best albums, it’s one that grows on you more and more with every listen.

Over the course of twelve songs, they set out their stall, and how. Whilst comparisons will, and already have been drawn with the Glasgow School of Indie circa 1981, this album benefits from songs that are tight without being overproduced, and echo Franz Ferdinand’s debut LP, as much as the early releases of those they have been compared to. The album has been produced by former Altered Images mainstay Stephen Lironi, and the 12 songs ’emanate a cinematic and literary glow that illuminates late night tales Glasgow’s West End’ (this last quote lifted pretty much wholsesale from their myspace).

make sure you get your hands on this album – as well as the aforementioned singles, tracks like opener ‘Bayonets’ and #Plots Are For Cemeteries’ are songs you’ll be wanting to stick on your iPod and compilation CD-Rs for a long time to come.


Bricolage -‘Turn U Over.’ mp3

Bricolage’s myspace

Bricolage -‘Footsteps’

Bricolage -‘The Waltzers.’

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