Does there have to be a reason?

It’s been a stressful time, but family, friends, the cats, and most particularly Mrs. 17 Seconds are keeping me sane.

Have been having a bit of an Arctic Monkeys session this evening, and that’s done a fair bit to lift my spirits. Funny to think that when they first appeared, I dismissed them as Libertines copyists. I still think ‘Fake Tales From San Franciso’ is a a bit too close to ‘The Riverboat Song’ by Ocean Colour Scene for comfort (and that got rammed down all our throats a decade or so ago), but Alex Turner is an excellent lyricist and tunesmith. There’s supposed to be a new album later on this year, produced by Josh Homme, of Kyuss/Queens Of the Stone Age fame, no less.

Still think this is my favourite Arctic Monkeys song of all, in true indie style a ‘single between albums’ from 2006:

Arctic Monkeys -‘Leave Before The Lights Come On.’ mp3


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