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I can occasionally be a wee bit shallow with the stuff that I get sent here on 17 Seconds.

because i get deluged with stuff to listen to, sometimes some of it gets put in a file for weeks on end. However, given that one email contained the word ‘M.I.A.’ I had to open it, and I’m glad I did.

Accoridng to their press release, back in 2007, a meeting at a second-hand furniture store led Malawian singer Esau Mwamwaya to team up with underground European DJ/producer duo Radioclit to form The Very Best. having prodiced a highly rated mixtape, they are now going on to release their debut album on violently cool London label Moshi Moshi entitled warm Heart Of Africa. As well as the aforementioned collaboration with M.I.A., the album also features Ezra Keonig from Vampire Weekend.

M.I.A. is currently best known for the hit ‘Paper Planes’ from her sophomore LP Kala, but both it and her debut, Arular showed that she was giving a new definition to terms like ‘Urban’ and ‘Hip-Hop’ and Global* music. Give these two tracks a listen and prepare to be impressed.

The Very Best -‘Yalira.’ mp3

The Very Best -‘Rain Dance (featuring M.I.A.).’ mp3

* World music is perhaps the silliest label for music ever, and borders on patronising.

This links here may also shed more light…

Their myspace is here

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