Presenting…Girl In A Thunderbolt


A few days ago, I recived an email from an act called Girl In A Thunderbolt. Intrigued by the name, I went and checked out the myspace and was staggered by what I heard.

Imagine if the spirits of both Eartha Kitt and Siouxsie Sioux came to rest in one person’s body, and that that body came to base themselves in Norwich. A voice to die for and the songs to match it, Maria is setting out to amaze all who hear her. And anyone who includes their influences “the quieter streets of Norwich at night time when the rain makes the street lights reflect on the pavements, cats and vintage ashtrays” along with Hank Williams, Yoko Ono and Nina Simone has gotta be worth checking out, right?


Girl In A Thunderbolt has just released her second EP, Songs For Modern Lovers. She has graciously allowed me to post a coupkle of her songs here, so I will do. She’s gigging in England – and hopefully will come to Scotland, inbetween visits to Norway where she’s been recording her debut album. Everytime I try and find a genre, something else finds me, and it seems pointless to be searching for genres when I could just be listening to the music.

Girl In A Thunderbolt -‘Old Bones.’ mp3

Girl In A Thunderbolt -‘Curtains (Alternate take).’ mp3

Girl In A Thunderbolt website/Girl In A Thunderbolt myspace

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