17 seconds’ Festive Fifty 2009


…so here it is.

1. Peter Parker ‘Swallow the Rocket.’ *Video*
2. The Big Pink ‘Velvet.’ *Video*
3. Mono ‘Everlasting Light.’
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Zero.’ *Video*
5. Telefon Tel Aviv ‘The Birds.’
6. The Very Best featuring Ezra Koenig ‘Warm Heart Of Africa.’
7. St. Vincent ‘Actor Out Of Work.’
8. The Gothenburg Address ‘A Lesser Coming Home.’
9. Animal Collective ‘Summertime Clothes.’
10. Broken Records ‘Nearly Home.’
11. Sonic Youth ‘Sacred Trickster.’
12. Super Furry Animals ‘Inaugural Trams.’
13. The Horrors ‘Who Can Say.’
14. The Phantom Band ‘Folksong Oblivion.’
15. Bon Iver ‘Blood Bank.’
16. Franz Ferdinand ‘No You Girls.’
17. Horace Andy/Ashley Beedle ‘Babylon You Lose.’
18. Unicorn Kid ‘Lion Hat.’
19. Luke Haines ’21st Century Man.’ *video*
20. The Horrors ‘Sea Within A Sea.’
21. The Very Best featuring M.I.A. ‘Rain Dance.’
22. TV21 ‘Forever 22.’
23. Speech Debelle featuring Wiley ‘Better Days.’
24. White ‘Build A Link’
25. White Heath ‘Election Day’
26. Six Organs Of Admittance ‘Ursa Minor’
27. 1990s ‘The Box.’
28. Animal Collective ‘My Girls.’
29. The Big Pink ‘Dominos’
30. Broken Records ‘Until The Earth Begins To Part.’ *Video*
31. Frightened Rabbit ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land.’ *Video*
32. Fuck Buttons ‘The Lisbon Maru.’
33. Meursault ‘Nothing Broke.’
34. Future Of the Left ‘The Hope That House Built.’
35. Girls ‘Lust for Life’ *video*
36. Jesus H. Foxx ‘Trying To Be Good.’
37. King Creosote ‘No-one Had It Better.’
38. Meursault ‘Red Candle Bulb.’
39. Mitchell Museum ‘Tiger Heartbeat.’
40. Mos Def ‘Casa Bey.’
41. Morrissey ‘Something Is Squeezing My Skull.’
42. Jay-Z featuring kanye West and Rihanna ‘Run This Town.’
43. Paper Planes ‘Doris Day.’ *Video*
44. Joy Orbison ‘Hyph Mngo.’
45. Little Boots ‘Stuck On Repeat.’
46. Yo La Tengo ‘Periodically Double Or Triple.’
47. Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern ‘Our Favourite Motorway.’
48. Jarvis Cocker ‘Angela.’
49. Cuddly Shark ‘Bowl Of Cherries.’
50. Le Reno Amps ‘Outlaws.’

Some mp3 links and video links here -if you can’t find a link, go and buy it!

Feedback welcome, as ever…watch the disagreements pour in!

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