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So, having spent the last month or so discussing the best of 2009, talk invariably turns to what 2010 has in store.

This week, on the cover of NME are American band The Drums. It’s easy to be cynical, after all, music magazines can sometimes fall flat on their faces. Menswe@r or Terris, anyone? Thought not.

However, I hope you’re prepared to put aside your prejudices, because the fact is that The Drums are very good indeed. Hailing from the US; Jonathan Pierce (vocals), Jacob Graham (guitar), Adam Kessler (guitar) and Connor Hanwick (drums) have combined a love of both the Beach Boys and The Cure and come up with something that sounds fresh and exciting. On myspace their influences includes The Shangri-La’s and Joy Division. Oh, and if you think they sound like a 80s goth copycat band, you’re wrong. Very wrong. I hear You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever and The Head On The Door. As well a reminders why in recent years I have fallen so hard for the music of both X-Lion Tamer and Swimmer One. Proof? Well, I’ve had their seven track EP Summertime! on almost constant repeat all day. Yes, they probably own Psychocandy, as we all should, but they’ve taken notes and done their own thing.

Don’t let the Hipsters put you off, this band are the real deal.

The Drums -‘I Felt Stupid.’ mp3

The Drums -‘Let’s Go Surfing.’ mp3

The Drums’ website/The Drums’ myspace

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