Factory Kids’ debut release on 17 Seconds Records


Yup, a mere week after the release of our last release, 17SEC14 hits the streets! Well, the internet, anyway.

‘They Used To Call Me Baby,’ the debut EP by the Factory Kids is available to download from iTunes and all good download services from today (except hmv.com, who seem to be redesigning their download bit, or something). It’s a five track EP, and just in case you haven’t heard it already, you can download the opening, title track:

Factory Kids -‘They Used To Call Me Baby.’ mp3

In other 17 Seconds Records news, we have a facebook group for ‘Buy the dirty cuts single’ here, as well as one for 17 Seconds Records here. Do not attempt to spam us (we still know what you did last summer).

We have had to reschedule the planned 17 Seconds Records night at Mono on february 28, but more news when we have it.

What is exclusive news, though, is that 17 Seconds Records have a night with X-Lion Tamer and Chris Bradley at Limbo in Edinburgh, with yours truly DJing! That’s April 17, so get it in your diaries. (Unless you’re already going to see the Dirty Cuts at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s, which is a fair enough excuse).

Forthcoming in two weeks’ time are the digital re-issues of The Wildhouse’s first two albums. It’s getting busy.

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