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Edinburgh band Midas Fall are taking the template for moody ethereal scottish indie and going some serious places with it, if the songs that make up their debut album Eleven. Return and Revert are anything to go by. And yes, that full stop is meant to be there.

The five piece are Elizabeth Heaton (Vocals, guitar, synths), Rowan Burn (guitar, piano), Brian Dunsmore (synths, piano, guitar), Jamie Scobie(bass) and Adam Ley-Lange (drums). Normally words like melodic and haunting in press releases are bywords for bland, but in this case, these adjectives are compliments. They cite Radiohead (I would go for circa OK Computer ) and Portishead amongst their influences, and I’d be surprised if the likes of Aereogramme, Mogwai and other scottish acts whose music evokes the dark but beautiful Caledonian winters hadn’t flitted across the bands’ stereos. They’re due to support Japanese post-rockers Mono in Glasgow soon, which should be a night and a half to behold.

The album is out in April 26 on Monotreme Records – and I sincerely hope that not only the scottish blogging community but the scottish music loving populace and further afield will take them to their hearts. They deserve it.

Get your ears around this:

Midas Fall -‘Movie Screens.’ mp3

Midas Fall perform Movie Screens live:

Pop along to their myspace page for live dates and to make friends

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