The very welcome return of Aberfeldy!


Yes indeed!

Four years since their second album Do Whatever Turns You On, and nearly two years since they Christened 17 Seconds Records with the ‘Claire’ single, Aberfeldy return with their third album on August 23 on their own Tenement Records and a whole host of Scottish tour dates.

The album is entitled Somewhere To Jump From and the tracklisting is as follows:

Somewhere To Jump From
Mean Ol’ Misery
If I Were A Joiner
Turn the Record Over
In Denial
Talk Me Round
Play The Music Loud
California, West Lothian

‘If I Were A Joiner’ and ‘Turn The Record Over’ can be heard streaming at Aberfeldy’s myspace. And yes, ‘Claire’ and ‘Talk me Round’ are the songs that we put out as 17 Seconds Records but these are new, different versions.

Good to have you back, guys!

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