17 Seconds Festive Fifty 2010


Here we go!

1. eagleowl ‘No Conjunction.’
2. M.I.A. ‘Born Free.’
3. Zola Jesus ‘Sea Talk.’
4. Kid Canaveral ‘You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night.’
5. Meursault ‘Crank Resolutions.’
6. She’s Hit ‘RE:PEATER’
7. The Suzan ‘Home.’
8. Broken Records with Jill Sullivan ‘Dia dos Mamorados!’
9. Viv Albertine ‘Never Come.’
10. Blur ‘Fool’s Day.’
11. The Futureheads ‘Heartbeat Song.’
12. The Burns Unit ‘Send Them Kids To War.’
13. Dum Dum Girls ‘Jail La La.’
14. Mitchell Museum ‘Warning Bells.’
15. Kid Canaveral ‘Good Morning.’
16. Tokyo Knife Attack ‘Cool Kids.’
17. Aberfeldy ‘In Denial.’
18. The Vaselines ‘I Hate The 80s.’
19. Kylie Minogue ‘All the Lovers.’
20. Come On Gang! ‘Fortune Favours The Brave.’
21. Yusuf Azak ‘Eastern Sun.’
22. Admiral Fallow ‘Subbuteo.’
23. Konono N°1 ‘Wumbanzanga.’
24. LCD Soundsystem ‘Drunk Girls.’
25. Underworld ‘Scribble.’
26. Panico ‘Reverberation Mambo.’
27. Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith ‘Not In Love.’
28. Stornoway ‘Zorbing.’
29. Yeasayer ‘Ambling Alp.’
30. Elf Power ‘Stranger In The Window.’
31. Twilight Sad ‘The Wrong Car.’
32. Scottish Enlightenment ‘Little Sleep.’
33. Antony and the Johnsons featuring Bjork ‘Flétta.’
34. Funeral Club ‘Whiskey and Clyde.’
35. The Dawn Chorus ‘Carnivalesque’
36. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti ‘Round & Round.’
37. Twin Shadow ‘Slow.’
38. Call To Mind ‘A9’
39. eagleowl ‘Into The Fold.’
40. Esben and the Witch ‘Marching Song.’
41. Veronica Falls ‘Beachy Head.’
42. The Unwinding Hours ‘Knut.’
43. Cancel The Astronauts ‘Funny For A Girl’
44. Penguins Kill Polar Bears ‘Homebound’
45. Twin Shadow -‘Tyrant Destroyed
46. Vacuum Spasm Babies ‘Chemical Burns.’
47. Scottish Enlightenment ‘Pascal.’
48. Sparrow and the Workshop ‘The Gun.’
49. Yeasayer ‘O.N.E.’
50. Stanley Odd ‘Think Of A Number.’

Stream the eagleowl EP ‘Into the Fold’ containing no.1 ‘No Conjunction’ and ‘Into The Fold Below’:

In answer of the accusations:

Let’s face it, every year it’s the same. It’s all indie, indie, indie…

Really? M.I.A., Konono N°1, Underworld, Kylie Minogue, Stanley Odd, Yeasayer…

It’s all men with guitars…

Given that women were responsible either in part or whole for eight out of the ten tracks in the top ten alone, I suggest you check it again.

…And it’s all Scottish.

Right… This is despite the appearance of Chile’s Panico, Konono N°1 hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, M.I.A. being from Sri Lanka, Bjork is Icelandic, and the Suzan are Japanese. Added to which the appearance of people from the US, Canada, Northern Ireland and England…get yourself a better atlas! Oh, and Kylie’s Australian.

You broke the bloggers code! Why aren’t the National in there? And Arcade Fire? It’s the rule!

Says you. I like the Arcade Fire’s latest, but found the National’s album to be as overrated as Grizzly Bear were last year.

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