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Often there’s so much music coming into my inbox that I really struggle to write about it all, even when it’s stuff i want to cover.

So I’m going to kill three cliches, sorry, birds with one stone and write about three things I’m enjoying right now.

First up, Anna Calvi’s self-titled debut album has been getting folks in a lather. While I haven’t heard it yet, on the basis of this very fibe track, I’m pretty anxious to. And nick cave and Jarvis Cocler are fans…what more could you possibly need?

Anna Calvi -‘Suzanne and I.’ mp3

Charles Bradley may be sixty-two, but he’s just about to release his debut album, entitled No Time For Dreaming. This is the first track from it, entitled ‘the World(Is Going Up In Flames)’ and it’s awesome. A classic bit of soul.

Charles Bradley -‘The World (Is Going Up In Flames).’ mp3

I’m pretty excited about Mogwai’s new album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, and I posted ‘Rano Pano’ from it before Christmas. Another track, entitled ‘San Pedro’ has been posted to download, from the album which is out on February 14 (15 in the US):

Mogwai -‘San Pedro.’ mp3

The video for Rano Pano can be seen here

Finally, PJ Harvey’s ‘The Word That Maketh Murder’ single is out now to download, from the forthcoming Let England Shake

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