Album review – Candidate


Candidiate -‘A New Life.’ (self-released)

Meet Candidate. The Kentucky band’s debut shows a variety of influences of British acts from the last forty years. It’s a heartfelt debut, played with passion.

The lyrics are heartfelt, though the vocals are sometimes trying so hard to convey passion, that they seem strained, rather than raw. When not strained, there’s much to recommend them. The songs like ‘I’d Come Running’ and ‘Need It Most are pleasantly anthemic. Best of all is ‘Nothing Ever Made Me Cry’ which is perhaps the darkest sounding song on the album.

Whilst it’s not a groundbreaking record, the songs are pleasant enough, and there’s enough here to suggest that with time the band may develop further. I’ll be interested to see where they take their songs and sound from here.


A New Life is out now

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