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Beirut – ‘The Rip Tide.’ (Pompeii)

Four years since their last album, Zach Condon and co. return to the fray with a long anticipated and highly anticipated new record. Two months ago, as the single ‘East Harlem’ appeared, it seemed that the wait might indeed have been worthwhile. And on listening to this record, it most definitely has been.

This is a very warm sounding record, right from the opening note’s of ‘A Candle’s Fire’ (am I the only person who hears this as a cousin of ‘Have you ever seen the rain?’ Er, probably. Anyway). It’s not just about the opening track and single, of course. ‘Goshen’ (actually the b-side to the single) is heartbreaking, and ‘Payne’s Bay’ reminds you just how awesome Beirut’s use of brass is.

It’s not perfect – the title track could do with being stripped of what sounds like a cheap eighties casio keyboard, which detracts, somewhat. No matter. It’s good to have them back, and this is an album that you should take the time to hear.


The Rip Tide is released on Pompeii on August 29.

Beirut – East Harlem by Revolver USA

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