…is that autumn on the way?


David Campbell Autumn Light On Edinburgh Castle.

It’s still August, but today I actually drove to work – in daylight -with the car heater on. It was pretty cold all day…

The festival is coming to an end…another record-breaking year…too many people around to enjoy it properly, at times…

…but finally got to see Shonen Knife…and Sebadoh…and another act added to the roster at 17 Seconds Records…watch this space.

Ash’s 1998 LP Nu-Clear Sounds is not a classic, and contains way too much filler. This track, however, is taken from it, and remains one of the best things they have ever done. It’s the perfect autumn song. Despite the sadness in the air, and the sense of change, or maybe because of it, autumn is probably my favourite time of year.

Ash -‘Folk Song.’ mp3

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