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Mogwai -‘Earth Division EP’ (Rock Action)

A mere six months after their seventh studio album, Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will, Mogwai give us another EP. Mogwai’s EP’s have often felt like separate entities in themselves, rather than simply being promotion for a parent album.

So it is the case here. Four excellent tracks, three that are quite mellow and -being Mogwai – one that is absolutely loud and mental (not ‘Like Herod’ mental; you can’t really repeat that!) Opener ‘Get To France’ initially seems sligt until a couple of plays latyer, you realise it’s the hook to get you in. ‘Hound Of Winter’ even has that rare occurence on a Mogwai release of any sort – vocals! ‘Drunk and Crazy’ is perhaps the outstanding track here, encapsulating all that is great about Mogwai in one track, and the EP is nicely rounded off with the reflective ‘Does This Always Happen?’

Every Mogwai album is still an event, and so it proves with their EPs. Long may their light shine.


The Earth Division EP is released on September 12 on Rock Action.

Stream the EP here

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