Album Review – The Moth and the Mirror


The Moth and The Mirror -‘Honestly, This World.’ (Olive Grove)

It is believed that the first time the word supergroup was used was in conjunction with Cream, the sixties supergroup that featured the already established names of Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker playing in the same band together. The Moth and the Mirror are a supergroup of sorts featuring the talents of (deep breath): Stacey Sievwright (The Reindeer Section, Arab Strap), on Vocals and Guitar; Gordon Skene (Frightened Rabbit) on Guitar and Vocals; Louis Abbott (Admiral Fallow, Song of Return) on Guitar and Vocals; Kevin McCarvel (Smoke Jaguar) on Bass with Iain Sandilands (Percussion) Peter Murch (Drums).

This is a very Scottish sounding record. Not in terms of an audio tartan tat sound of bagpipes and cheap drum beats, but in terms of the fact that the album manages to capture the magnificent melancholia that seems to be distinct to Scotland; the sound that many of their other acts have contributed to. Hopefully by now you’ve heard the singles ‘Germany’ and ‘Soft Insides’ but there are other great tracks here too, not least the awesome opener ‘Everyone I Know’ and the closing ‘Oceans and Waves.’

I’ve played this several times now, and each time I play it, I hear something new – always the mark of a great record. Olive Grove are another Scottish independent label making their mnark and this is the best thing I have heard from them so far.


Honestly, This World is out now on Olive Grove.

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