2011 Christmas Posts #7


Today’s two Christmas related tracks have been posted before, but I thought I would give them another airing.

The rather fine -and increasingly, I feel, rather underrated – Saint Etienne had a minor hit with this track which also featured Tim Burgess on shared lead vocals, back in 1993. It still does the rounds today. 1993 had been a rather good year for the Etienne, with several hits, and their awesome second album So Tough. 1994 would see the release of Tiger Bay from Saint Etienne, and Burgess and The Charlatans releasing Up To Our Hips*.

Saint Etienne featuring Tim Burgess -‘I Was Born On Christmas Day.’ mp3

This track appears on the very rare, and not available in the shops Saint Etienne Christmas album A Glimpse Of Stocking (ooo-er missus, etc etc). This can be streamed, at least in part via Spotify.

Saint Etienne -’21st Century Christmas.’ mp3

Seriously, do yourself a favour and get your hands on as much Saint Etienne as you can. If you only get two albums, then So Tough and Foxbase Alpha, but really, go get far more.

*Both great albums, however, the media became fixated on Blur and Oasis, which would reach fever pitch in 1995.

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