Christmas Posts 2011 #10


I did say that it was my intention to include more new stuff on my Christmas posts this year (not that there’s anything wrong with posting a few old faves, of course!)

I have long supported How To Swim on this blog, and indeed they made my Festive Fifty back in 2008, with ‘Genesis P and Me.’. They have just released a free, three-track EP for Christmas, entitled A Minor Key Christmas. This includes two new songs and a cover of Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime.’

Now, this last song I hold to be one of the nadirs of Macca’s post-Beatles career. But How To Swim have shown that, amazingly, you CAN polish a turd and make it into a decent pop tune.

Serious respect.

This is in addition to last year’s Christmas EP, which was entitled Santa’s Got All The Best Tunes:

However, I would seriously beseech you to understand that How To Swim are not just for Christmas. Start by checking out their Bandcamp.

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