Lana Del Rey- can we focus on the music please?


Blah blah blah…manufactured…blah blah blah…Saturday Night Live…Her Lips…blah blah blah…

…have you quite finished?

Considering no-one knew who Lana Del Rey was, barely six months ago, it’s not much of an exaggeration to say that her forthcoming debut album, Born To Die, has been hotly anticipated, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Needless to say, the knives are out for her already. I know little of the person (and yes, I know that isn’t her real name), but what I do know is, the music has really grown on me. I was slightly staggered when NME named first single ‘Video Games’ track of the year, but somehow the track has worked its’ magic on me. And that’s without even having seen the video.

The title track of the album is out next week, and I have fallen hook, line and sinker for this:

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die [Single Version] by PurplePR

These are three remixes doing the rounds; my personal favourite is the Gemini one (which travels some distance over the course). I know not everyone cares for remixes but these are not half bad.

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die [Woodkid Remix] by PurplePR

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die [Clams Casino Remix] by PurplePR

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die [Gemini Remix] by PurplePR

Update: having posted this piece last night, I received a very polite email from a read, who submitted a remix he had done of ‘Video Games’ which he is happy for me to share with you. So here is Vapor Maché’s remix of ‘Video Games.’

Video Games (Vapor Maché Rematch) by Vapor Mache

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