Presenting…And The Giraffe


One of the things about being a blogger is that you do get sent a hell of a lot of stuff, and sometimes there’s stuff that slips through the net.* Apparently American duo And The Giraffe did send me an mail a few months ago, which I didn’t remember getting. However, they got in touch again, and the video they have had made for the opening track on their EP Something For Everyone entitled ‘Underground Love’ is great. And apparently was shot for $0, in their own words ‘apart from the cost of paying for food and parking when we traveled to different locations. It was shot with the help of a very good friend of ours, Harrison Sanborn over the course of about 2 or 3 days.’

Now, even if the results had been just average, that’s pretty impressive. But to do it and actually produce a better video than some people make with a budget into six figures (that could be dollars, pounds or any currency, I suppose), is no mean feat. And the Giraffe is made up of two best friends, Nick Roberts and Josh Morris. ‘Together they make ambient dream-folk music and hope to continue doing so for as long as time allows.’

Check out the video – I think this is fantastic.

You can download their EP on a pay what you like basis – it’s a beautiful record. I’m typing this on a Sunday evening and it fits the mood perfectly.

*Just by way of example, I was clearing out some emails one time and discoveerd that one of the bands who I hadn’t dealt with an email from were The Last Battle. As 17 Seconds Records ended up putting out their debut single and debut album, this is a sign that no response is not a sign that you will never get featured on 17 Seconds.

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