The return of Midas Fall


Having bigged up Midas Fall a couple of years ago
and rated their debut album Eleven, Return and Revert, it’s great to report that Midas Fall are to release a new EP.

Due out on February 6, the EP As Our Blood Separates features five songs; three new songs ‘BPD’ ‘As Our Blood Separates’ and ‘Carnival Song’ as well as a cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt (very different from the original and the justly loved cover by Johnny Cash) and closes with a new remix of their song ‘Moviescreens’ which gained a cult following after being used in the soundtrack to the TV Series Lip Service. Elizabeth Heaton’s vocals still send a shiver down my spine…

Back in 2010 I described them as haunting and heartbreaking -and I continue to stand by that.

Midas Fall ‘BPD’ by Monotreme Records

Listen to their cover of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt here:

Stream the entire EP here

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