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Megaphonic Thrift -‘’Decay Decoy.’ (Club AC30)

There’s been a bit of a shift of late. Well, there frequently is in music, I suppose, but while people seem to be moaning the fact that rock and indie isn’t selling very well in Britain (all cyclical, believe me, I’ve seen it come and go and come again my 25 years of buying music), there is talk of a nineties revival being afoot. At the moment, rather than this meaning Britpop, Triphop, speed/uk garage, trance or -God forbid – happy hardcore – what is (currently) being revived is the ‘Alternative’ era of American rock. The debut by these Norweigian rockers was actually released in Norway a few years ago, first issued here a year ago, but this year is now having a wider release. They share a label with Ringo Deathstarr, which makes perfect sense.

There’s a feel of Pavement (circa Slanted and Enchanted) and Sonic Youth (Circa Daydream Nation) about this album. There’s also a hint of what I can only describe as gothic psychedelia (no, not like the Damned or Strawberry Switchblade, more like…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead), particuarly on tracks like ‘Sister Joan.’

It’s music to lose yourself in, in the best possible way. There’s tracks like ‘Candy Sin’ with its’ walls of feedback, interspersed with more reflective guitar work. Ultimately -irrespective of whether there’s a nineties revival or an about-turn of interest in guitar music in the UK, what matters is whether this album is actually any good or not.

..and this is still an excellent album.


Decay Decoy is re-released on 6th February on Club AC30.

Megaphonic Thrift -‘Sister Joan.’ mp3

Megaphonic Thrift -‘Candy Sin.’ mp3

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