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Errors -‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ (Rock Action)

Amazing to think that Errors are already on their third album. The Glasgow boys, signed to Mogwai’s own Rock Action label, have, however been around for a while now and it’s great to have them.

Like any good band, Errors have continued to develop and progress, without losing sight of what made them an interesting proposal in the first place. The impressive fact is that their are two big changes to the sound that have enhanced it -without being to the detriment of the album at all. First of all, for a band who were treading the line between post-rock and electronica they are now (currently at least) pusuing a definite electronic route, with routes of pop. And for a band who have always been seen as an instrumental act, they’ve incorporated vocals.

So yes, they’ve changed – but somehow they’re still -impressively so- still very much Errors. Over the course of these ten tracks they’ve managed to produce their most coherent album yet. Still experimenting – but as anyone who likes to tell you these things -doing pop properly is the hardest of all.

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the tracks that have been doing the rounds – the free download ‘Earthscore’ and the singles ‘Magna Encarta’ and ‘Pleasure Palaces’. They give a great idea of what the album sounds like – now go and check out the entire long player!


Have Some Faith In Magic is out now on Rock Action

Download ‘Earthscore’ for free:

Watch the video for ‘Pleasure Palaces’:

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