Presenting…Tamara Schlesinger


Lead singer with London-based 6 Day Riot, Glasgow-born Tamara Schlesinger is shortly to release her new solo album The Procession, on August 6. This will come out via her own label, tantrum Records.

The first track to do the rounds is the single ‘Again.’ A deceptively simple song, built around looped a capella vocals, it is curiously addictive, and it feels like something is missing when it stops playing. It bodes well for the album, and shows why she’s made an impact on the folk scene as well as the indie scene.

The album, incidently, was funded by Creative Scotland. The album saw her record in her native Glasgow for the first time and experiment with a new sound and a new way of working, namely the aforementioned weaving of a capella vocals and working with what is hinted as being the cream of Scotland’s musicians. Check out ‘Again’ here:

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