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One of my all time favourite blogs is The Vinyl Villain.

Written by JC aka the Vinyl Villain in Glasgow, it’s been going nearly as long as 17 Seconds. He’s given lots of support to me as a blogger, and valuable coverage to the label.

He’s informed me about lots of stuff, old and new, and put me up and his place in Glasgow one night after a memorable Edwyn Collins gig at the ABC.

Amongst the stuff he has told me about are Father Sculptor, so this is a repeat post of something I wrote earlier this year, that I found out about because of JC:


Scottish band Father Sculptor have just released their debut single this week as a free download.

Now, I say free download -which is lovely because it’s always nice to be able to get stuff for free. But the reality is that this two track single ‘Ember’/’Blue’ is so gorgeous and so utterly wonderful that I would have been prepared to pay money for it.

It’s thanks to JC over at The Vinyl Villain that I picked up on it. He says they remind him of Sire-era James (i.e. Stutter and Stripmining LPs) and also one of the great Scottish lost bands, Geneva. I couldn’t agree more – there is something wonderful and exciting about their melancholic, ethereal rock, that isn’t shoegazing (not that there’s anything wrong with that) that makes me want to play these two tracks again and again.

I can’t seem to find out much more about them other than that they hail from Glasgow. So for all I know they could be sixty-something convicts or a bunch of rich teenagers who have made this with Mummy and Daddy’s chequebook. It’s irrelevant, really. Take this at face value and take it to your hearts. They’re getting some great press across the blogs and it’s entirely deserved.*

These are two earlier tracks from their bandcamp page.

* I later received a very nice email from the band in which they stated: ‘For the record we are a happy medium between 60 something convicts & rich teenagers.’

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