Album Review: Ian Hunter and the Rant Band


Ian Hunter and the Rant Band -‘When I’m President.’ (Proper Records)

This is, apparently, Ian Hunter’s 20th solo album since Mott The Hoople disbanded in 1974. It’s solid enough musical fare, best demonstrated on the title track, and album opener ‘Comfortable (Flyin’ Scotsman).’

There’s not much by way of innovation or originality here -at least to these ears- but in terms of just getting on with the business of making a straight-ahead rock album, he does fine work in producing an album that seems to aim to entertain.

As to whether it will win him new fans at this point in his career (four decades plus) it’s hard to say, but for a man who already proved his worth many years ago, it demonstrates why he continues to be held in high regard on stage and on record.


When I’m President
is out now on Proper Records

Follow this link to download the title track as an mp3 for free

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