Presenting…Shy & Drs


First of all, it’s pronounced Shy and D.R.S. You can read the story of how they came to be right here.

I’ve championed quite a few Scottish hip-Hop acts before -and Aberdeen’s Shy and DRS are another act I’m proud to throw my support behind. Their debut single ‘The Love Is Gone’ (released through Guardian Angels/Universal) comes out on October 8. On paper it shouldn’t work at all – it features a sample from Marillion’s ‘Kayleigh’ and the vocal talents of Sandi Thom. But this time -instead of a complete misunderstanding of punks and flowes – it sounds awesome!

Their debut album will be released in January and features both D-12 (Eminem’s band) and Scottish rockers Nazareth.

Check out the video for ‘The Love Is Gone’ below:

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