Presenting…Carter Damm


Carter Damm are young. Carter Damm are the sound of Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys meeting on the East Coast of Scotland. Carter Damm are gigging and supported Bwani Junction at the newly re-opened Dalkeith Arts Centre last week (actually, I helped that happen. Yussss).

Carter Damm are Jess (Drums and vocals), Charlie (Bass), John (Guitar and Vocals) and brothers Duncan (Keys and Vocals) and James (Guitar and Vocals). They received their first radio play on Fresh Air in Edinburgh last month (actually, that was me too) and they will hopefully get played in a helluva lot of other places. 95% of their material is their own.

Carter Damm have recorded a three track demo, and this track ‘Clowning’ is one of my favourite tracks this year. When venues won’t let people under eighteen play, or have those sodding daft ‘play to pay schemes’ bands like them suffer.

Carter Damm -‘Clowning.’

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