Album Review: Snide Rhythms


Snide Rhythms -‘Snide Rhythms’ (Bonjour Branch)

Maybe I’m biased, what with having lived here for over a decade now, but it still makes me annoyed when people suggest that Edinburgh’s bands can’t match up to its’ neighbour Glasgow’s scene forty or so miles to the west. Yes, I could sit here and reel off a list of great acts that call Edinburgh home*, but tonight, Matthew, I’d like to focus on Snide Rhythms.

Led by singer Colvin Cruickshank, the Edinburgh trip have produced a debut that not only proves that Edinburgh is not just about folk music, but that maybe indie music does still have some ideas. Yes, the band know their way around their record collection -‘I Can’t Keep Up’ and the short but excellently titled ‘Yah vs. Schemie’ nod to The Fall, for example, but there are hints of both electro and even rockabilly here.

This is the sound of a band having fun and producing something fresh and exciting. A joy to the ears, a delight for the feet and a treat you can gorge yourself on.


Snide Rhythms is out now on Bonjour Branch

*if you insist: The Last Battle, Aberfeldy, Meursault, Randan Discotheque, Broken Records, Matt Norris and the Moon, Withered Hand, Wounded Knee, Jesus H. Foxx, ballboy, eagleowl, Bwani Junction, Clean George IV, Cancel The Astronauts, Spook School…

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