17 Seconds’ Festive Fifty 2013

Yup, the moment you’ve been waiting for…my favourite fifty tracks of 2013


1. Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky.’
2. Mogwai ‘What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?’
3. Chvrches ‘The Mother We Share.’
4. Disclosure featuring AlunaGeorge ‘White Noise.’
5. Arctic Monkeys ‘Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?’
6. David Bowie ‘Where Are They Now?’
7. Haim ‘Save Me.’
8. Withered Hand ‘Black Tambourine.’
9. Steve Mason ‘Come To Me.’
10.Last Battle ‘Perfecting The Art Of Saying Nothing.’
11.Dead Flowers ‘Make It Bright.’
12.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ‘Jubilee Street.’
13.Chvrches ‘Recover.’
14.National ‘Fireproof.’
15.Euros Childs ‘Trick Of The Mind.’
16.Girl Called Johnny ‘Heaven Knows.’
17.Suede ‘Barriers.’
18.Tegan & Sara ‘Closer.’
19.Savages ‘She Will.’
20.Primal Scream ‘2013.’
21.M.I.A. ‘Bring The Noize.’
22.Lorde ‘Royals.’
23.Sparrow and the Workshop ‘The Faster You Spin.’
24.Laura Mvula ‘Green Garden.’
25.Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Sacrilege.’
26.Parquet Courts ‘N Dakota.’
27.Daft Punk ‘Instant Crush.’
28.Crocodiles ‘She Splits Me Up.’
29.Joanna Gruesome ‘Sugar Crush.’
30.Prince ‘Breakfast Can Wait.’
31.Laura Mvula ‘Morning Dew.’
32.New Model Army ‘Horsemen.’
33.Foals ‘Late Night.’
34.Dead Flowers ‘The Beach.’
35.Mark Lanegan ‘Solitaire.’
36.Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor.’
37.Teleman ‘Cristina.’
38.Parquet Courts ‘Stoned and Starving.’
39.Those Darlins’ Oh God.’
40.Fall ‘Sir William Wray.’
41.Anna Calvi ‘Suddenly.’
42.Depeche Mode ‘Soothe My Soul.’
43.Black Sabbath ‘God Is Dead?’
44.Nadine Shah ‘To Be A Young Man.’
45.Pixies ‘Indie Cindy.’
46.Greek Street Band ‘Harbour This Love.’
47.Mark Lanegan ‘You Only Live Twice.’
48.Luke Haines ‘The Angel Of The North.’
49.Prince ‘Screwdriver.’
50.Franz Ferdinand ‘Right Action.’

There will, no doubt be the usual moans: ‘All white blokes with guitars.’ ‘No women.’ ‘All Obscure stuff.’ ‘No support given to the Scottish music scene.’ Not true, and at the end of the day, these are my favourite tracks that were released this year (even if there may be a couple that came out last year but qualify because they appeared on the parent album this year). It isn’t supposed to be hip, or post-modern.

Lest we forget: those previous 17 Seconds Festive 50 winners…
2012 Grimes ‘Genesis.’
2011 Hiatus featuring Linton Kwesi Johnson ‘Insurrection.’
2010 eagleowl ‘No Conjunction.’
2009 Peter Parker ‘Swallow The Rocket.’
2008 Wedding Present ‘The Trouble With Men.’
2007 Emma Pollock ‘Adrenaline.’
2006 Long Blondes ‘Weekend Without Make Up.’

6 thoughts on “17 Seconds’ Festive Fifty 2013

  1. Hi Ed, how are you? Glad to see you’re still doing the end of year chart, with loads of good stuff I’ve never heard. I’m back on TK with a lot of music most people would find alien to my blog, but I’m very happy you’ve still kept me on your blogroll. Keep fighting the good fight brother and get in touch if you wish to.
    All the best

  2. Hi Steve
    great to hear from you and glad to hear TK is up and running again and I’ll be in touch soon…Ed

    PS Can’t believe this is the eighth Festive Fifty on here, who’d’ve thought…!

  3. Great list. Thanks for recognizing New Model Army, their Between Dog & Wolf album is truly great. Did my list recently inc. Public Service Broadcasting, Cate le Bon, Wooden Shjips and The Sailmakers all getting a mention. It’s been a great year for music IMHO.

  4. ooh, for once I feel like I know a decent chunk of songs on here. I guess in part that’s to do with my actually following up your listening suggestions properly this year- Chvrches being a notable example of that. Some more for me to seek out, too.

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