Does there have to be a reason?


The weather has been – again -bloody awful. It frequently is in Scotland, which we moan about -and yet, sometimes it makes things utterly beautiful.

Eurythmics’ single ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ was taken from their third album, Touch. While I’ve never really cared for the faux-Calypso of ‘Right By your Side’ but I do find ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’ utterly stunning.

The video was filmed in Orkney and according to Wikipedia ‘The music video, featuring both Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, was directed by Stewart, John Gerschfield and Jon Roseman, and released in December 1983, a month before the single came out. The video opens with a passing aerial shot of The Old Man of Hoy on the Island of Hoy in the Orkney Islands before transitioning to Lennox walking along the rocky shore and cliff top. She later explores a derelict cottage while wearing a nightgown and holding a lantern. Stewart stalks her with a video camera. In many scenes the two are filmed separately, then superimposed into the same frame. The result is that the viewer may perceive one as being a ghost in the world of the other.’

The song was later covered by the Associates’ Billy Mackenzie on his solo album Auchtermatic

2 thoughts on “Does there have to be a reason?

  1. Oh that was wonderful! For some reason I wasn’t familiar with the original; I only know the song because of Annie Lennox’s live in New York bonus disc on Medusa. This is different- faster, more anxious and frenetic-but I like it!

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