A song for today #38: Young Fathers

I’ve long-championed Young Fathers on this blog, first writing about the Edinburgh Hi-Hop trio back in 2010, and being utterly delighted to see them win music awards and have two hit albums.

Their profile is set to rise even higher with their presence on the soundtrack to the jaw-droppingly brilliant T2: Trainspotting. Along with pretty much everyone in Edinburgh I went to see it this weekend, and twas brillig, as Lewis Carroll might have said. Young Fathers have several tracks on the soundtrack, including the fabulous ‘Only God Knows’ which plays over the end credits. It’s credited as featuring the Leith Congregational Choir.

So turn it up, and give your neighbours a treat. And if you haven’t seen them live yet…tusk, tusk.


The return of Meursault (part 2)

Meursault will release their long-awaited fourth album on February 27. Entitled I Will Kill Again, the first track to be unveiled is ‘Klopfgeist.’ (That’s German for ‘Poltergeist’, apparently)…The album launch takes place at Edinburgh’s Summerhall on February 25.

The video for the song can be seen below:


The album can be ordered via the Song, By Toad Records Bandcamp.

The return of Slowdive

The last few years has seen a return of 1990s shoegazing indie bands, including Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Lush and now it’s the return of Slowdive. Last week I wrote about it for God Is In The TV but just in case you didn’t hear it, you really need to have this song ‘Star Roving’ in your life. Take the time to listen.

Their long-awaited fourth album (and first since 1995’s Pygmalion) should be with us shortly…



The return of Spiral Stairs


Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs (Scott Kannberg to his Mum, and presumably once the school register) will return with his second solo album as Spiral Stairs (in addition to the two he released under the name Preston School of Industry) on March 24.

Entitled Doris and the Daggers, the album features an impressive list of US indie stars: Matt Berninger of The National, Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew and Justin Peroff, Kelley Stoltz and Shudder To Think’s Adam Wade. Additionally, the video for the first track ‘Dance (Cry Wolf)’ features Grandaddy’s Jason Lyttle playing the part of Spiral Stairs.

The album tracklisting is as follows:

1. Dance (Cry Wolf)
2. Emoshuns
3. Dundee Man
4. AWM
5. No Comparison
6. The Unconditional
7. Trams (Stole My Love)
8. Exiled Tonight
9. Angel Eyes
10. Doris and the Daggers


OK, so I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night. But two things seem to have become clear. Firstly, that Meryl Streep is not happy about the thought of Donald Trump becoming President. Hell, if you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last 24 hours, you’ll have seen the memes. Secondly, that Donald Glover’s bigging up of US-rap trio Migos has had a pretty big effect. Having described their song ‘Bad and Boujee’ as ‘just fly. There’s no better song to have sex to’ the song has rocketed to no.1 in the US and is already making serious waves in the UK.

Glover has described them as being the Beatles of this generation – while this might sound like hyperbole, they’re pretty damn great. The NME has put together a helpful article and the song in question ‘Bad and Boujee’ is what I believe the younger people might call a banger.

Their second album Culture is released on January 27.

A song for today #37: London Grammar

…so how’s your new year going?

London Grammar unveiled their first new music since 2013 on New Year’s Day, and this song ‘Rooting For You’ is utterly sublime and beautiful. It’s the aural equivalent of crystal spring water after way too much fizzy, sugar drink. Simple, pure and to the point. Umm, so to speak.

Presumably this is from their long-awaited second album, even if not this is a beautiful, refreshing track. It doesn’t seem to be on the charts, which is a damn shame. Maybe it’s just too damn good for the bloody charts, eh?

The return of Meursault

Having seemingly called it a day a couple of years ago (after what was an excellent ‘farewell’ gig at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall), Neil Pennycook and Meursault have returned, with a new EP, some videos and an album very soon…

At the end of last year, they returned with a new six-track EP, from which the title track ‘Simple Is Good’ made no.15 in my annual Festive 50 (and yes, my end of year albums list will appear, finally, very soon). Due to the general exhaustion around these parts, not a lot was getting written at that point (not helped by a poor internet connection) but the EP is very good indeed and the band have just unveiled a new video for the track ‘By Gaslight.’ The new album, scarily entitled I Will Kill Again is due in February. And it’s coming out on their old and always spiritual home Song, By Toad Records.


George Michael remembered

It’s fair to say that 2016 was a year many people would rather forget. So a very happy new year from 17 Seconds and hope that this year is good to you. One of my resolutions is to blog more often – health issues left me exhausted for much of the time.

My tribute to George Michael can be read over on God Is In The TV. Certainly much of the music he made provided an important part of my growing up.

Since he died on Christmas Day, ‘Careless Whisper’ and ‘Last Christmas’ are the songs that have benefited most in terms of sales boosts, but to me, this Wham! single from 1984 is the best thing he wrote and performed.

Of all the solo songs, I think this tops them all.