OK, so I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night. But two things seem to have become clear. Firstly, that Meryl Streep is not happy about the thought of Donald Trump becoming President. Hell, if you’ve been anywhere near social media in the last 24 hours, you’ll have seen the memes. Secondly, that Donald Glover’s bigging up of US-rap trio Migos has had a pretty big effect. Having described their song ‘Bad and Boujee’ as ‘just fly. There’s no better song to have sex to’ the song has rocketed to no.1 in the US and is already making serious waves in the UK.

Glover has described them as being the Beatles of this generation – while this might sound like hyperbole, they’re pretty damn great. The NME has put together a helpful article and the song in question ‘Bad and Boujee’ is what I believe the younger people might call a banger.

Their second album Culture is released on January 27.

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