At long last


Finally, the Aberfeldy 7″ single for Claire has turned up. Go and buy it!

Aberfeldy -‘Claire’

More great songs from Aberfeldy that you have to hear:

Aberfeldy -‘Turn the Record Over’

Aberfeldy -‘Denial’

Aberfeldy -‘Malcolm’

Merry Xmas

…phew. Christmas is nearly here, the school term is over…and I’m feeling absolutely exhusted and still quite some way off goodwill to all men, especially if they have anything to do with the RIAA or the DMCA.

But, it has been a good year for me overall, sustained by getting a better job, the continued love and support of Mrs. 17 Seconds and family, friends and readers. 17 Seconds Records Ltd. is go, make friends at our myspace page if you haven’t already.

17SEC1 is already available as a download, Aberfeldy’s first single for two years ‘Claire.’ The 7″ is now supposed to be with us in January, not that I’m getting annoyed about this or anything…It was a proud moment hearing Riley Briggs talking about 17 Seconds Records from the stage at their two gigs on Monday and Tuesday; if you pop along to their myspace, where you can make friends if you haven;t already and hear their version of a Christmas classic. They were supported on Tuesday night in Edinburgh by the rather fabulous Gillyflowers who have already been recording with Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy producing and amazing it is too. Make friends with them, before some hip record company snaps them up.

17SEC2 is Ex Lion Tamer’s fantastic ‘Life Support Machine.’ Thank you to the 100+ who have downloaded this; if you haven’t please do – it’s a free Christmas track.

Ex Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

If of course, Christmas is getting too much for you, check out this track from Earth:

Earth -‘Omens And Portents I: The Driver.’ mp3

It’s taken from this page whixh has lots of wonderful and not a little terrifying stuff from the likes of Om, Sunn o)), Burning Witch…and Boris collaborating with Merzbow. Two Japanese gods of noise collaborating together. Oh yes…

Have a good one, I’ll be back in the new year


2008 Festive Fifty and albums…advance warning

Just to let you know folks, as well as the Christmas posts I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, I will be posting my annual Festive Fifty and lists of all the best albums of the year, including this year – for the first time -another list for re-issues and compilations. I’m still trying to finalise both lists, as well as worrying about all the albums I haven’t heard this year. But as I have heard over 160 new albums this year, hopefully the list will be pretty comprehensive, as comprehensive as one person’s list can be.

Two things I want to say now:

1. Glasvegas are not featuring.

You heard. I’ve thought long and heard about this, and have decided that as they refused to comment on the mp3 debacle back in October that I won’t feature them. I haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to them since then, anyway. Is this being childish? Um, no, I think their behaviour, smacking as it does of the outsider kid who suddenly negelcts all they’re old friends once they’re accepted, is unacceptable. So if you can’t deal with this, umm, too bad.

And if you think that a professional magazine wouldn’t do this…GET REAL!

There’s a wonderful article here which I was consulted on.

2. Aberfeldy won’t be featuring either.

This is for completely different reasons – as I have helped put the record out, I think it would be a little biased to do so. Obviously I think the ‘Claire’ single is fantastic, but it might seem like favouritism, and as a teacher, that’s something I try to avoid.

Obviously, I am not for one moment suggesting that anyone else follows suit. It would be great if anyone chose to include the Aberfeldy single in their list!

2007’s Festive Fifty topping entry:

Emma Pollock -‘Adrenaline.’ mp3

Another great review for the Aberfeldy single

Ok, so I keep going on about this, but was pretty excited to arrive back at 17 Seconds Towers yesterday to find a fanzine waiting for me, the third issue of Twee As Fuck.

Our first single release ‘Claire’ by Aberfeldy has featured in their ‘Seven 7″s we can’t get enough of.’ The review written by Erik Sandberg reads:

‘Whilst the Major sector flounders, the Independents seem to flourish as is evident in this debut single from 17 Seconds Records. Quite simply, this is bliss: Neil Young backed by Joy Zipper at their poppiest. Edinburgh is the new Glasgow, it would appear.’

Oh yes, oh yay!

This is not the single version, but an earlier version as can be downloaded from the SXSW website.

Aberfeldy -‘Come On, Claire.’ mp3

Like it? We do, too. Support us, and more importantly, support Aberfeldy by buying the single download from one of these download stores.

And, obviously, we will let you know when it’s available to purchase on 7″. Can’t wait for that…

OK, I’m off to try and continue googling record stores I think might stock the Aberfeldy release when we finally have it. whist listening to Crystal Stilts

Aberfeldy return to the live arena!

Guess who’s back? Back again?

Na na na na na…sorry, lost myself a bit there.

Aberfeldy have just announced that they will play two very special dates this Christmas. They will headline at the ABC2 in Glasgow on December 22 and the next night at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh on December 23. Their manager told me that tickets should be on sale from tomorrow, priced around £10.

I have also been told that the test pressings for the new single ‘Claire’ on 7″ should be ready next week. So if you live in Scotland you might even be able to snap up a copy at the gigs! You should certainly be trying Avalanche and Fopp.

So go and snap up those tickets fast! This is a regular music presentation.

Aberfeldy -‘ Come On Claire (demo).’ mp3

Aberfeldy’s myspace

Come on, Care!

As I may have mentioned a few times (this is MY blog, after all) 17 Seconds Records’ first signing (there will hopefully be more, my Parents are actually now asking who the next signing will be) are Aberfeldy.

Now, this version is NOT the version that can be downloaded and bought, but it is the version that was gievn away for free through the South By Southwest website earlier this year.

I am still not receiving the communiques I had asked for when I tried to do something similar months ago for another BAND whose management have so far failed to get in touch AND whose record company’s rottweilers are being immoral.

Anyway, enjoy this song, then go and get the great single off iTunes, leave feedback and help 17 Seconds and Aberfeldy on the way to ruling the world.

Aberfeldy – Come On, Claire (free download version).’ mp3

Oh wow!!!

Finally, it has happened.

17 Seconds’ first single release is available to download from today. Certainly in the UK and should be available from download stores around the world as we speak. It’s on iTunes and should be on many other stores too.

For £1.58 (yes, less than a cup of coffee) you can buy the single and rate it.

Please let us know if you do so, do leave positive feedback, remember this is socialism in action. And if you’re not sure if you’ll like the song, though I cannot see why you wouldn’t, check it out either at our myspace or at Aberfeldy’s myspace

Have a nice day. Come on, Claire…

Exciting stuff…

Dead excited.

First of all, a 17 Seconds single has been played by Jim Gellatley on his podcast -which can be downloaded from here, and he mentions 17 Seconds records. As well as playing stuff by Broken Records and Pearl and the Puppets. Go here for more details or download it from iTunes.

And also, Aberfeldy will be played by Vic Galloway tonight on his show in Scotland, on Radio 1, which you should be able to download from here

And if you haven’t made friends with us at myspace yet (and you have a myspace thing) please do so!

Aberfeldy – a glimpse of what they are up to

Last year, I went to over twenty-five gigs, which isn’t bad going, and the best was last. A few days before Christmas, Aberfeldy played two nights at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, and they rocked.

I’ve been privileged to hear some of the new stuff, this is a performance of ‘Claire.’ Don’t let the sugar-coating fool you, it’s as dark as ‘I Want You’ by Elvis Costello underneath it all…

Meanwhile, ‘Malcolm’ manages to squeeze in both fish puns and a love of classic 60s and 70s pop.

If you haven’t made friends with Aberfeldy before now, please do so on their MySpace page.