Presenting…Breakfast With Wolves


(photo credit: Nic Stevenson)

Breakfast With Wolves are three young men (well, they look younger than me, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt!) who have just released their debut single ‘Hello My name Is Not Important.’ They hail from Shoreditch in East London…come back! They’re not a bunch of trendies but instead making a name for themselves by going against the grain of the cooler-than-thou set in East London.

Sure, they’ve a lot of indie and post-punk influence but also I hear the same urban paranoia and dread that I hear in Burial and Massive Attack. There’s an awkwardness here – a wariness -and that’s what sets them apart from their peers.

The single is made up of two tracks ’88mph’ (not sure if this referencing the speed of the Delorean in Back to the Future or not) and ‘Adam West For President.’

88 mph by Breakfast with Wolves

Adam West for President by Breakfast with Wolves

Rough Trade are stocking the single; you can also buy it off iTunes. Go without your takeaway coffee tomorrow morning.

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