The Vaccines vs. Brother



Look, I know it’s easy to take pot shots at the NME, but sometimes it’s just too goddamn easy. And annoying when you’re getting in touch with them about featuring bands and the first thing that comes back is info about advertising with them. the message is very clear: Advertise in us, and then we will (may) think about featuring your band.

Sometimes their tips are great, and I feel frustrated that they felt they got poorer sales when they stuck the likes of Destiny’s Child, Aphex Twin, Godspeed on the cover than some dire indie by numbers band.

There are some bands who aren’t amazingly brilliant, but I think, yeah, they have…at least, something. One of their tips for 2011 is the Vaccines. Now, I’ve heard this done many times before, but I think their singles are ok. Not ‘Omigodwhatwasthat.’ But ‘Aye, no bad.’ Post break-up Sex’ reminds me of a Ramones song…

On the other hand, tipping the likes of Brother…dear GOD! Arrogance was what killed Oasis. Remember guys, you have to be able to walk it like you talk it.

And yes, I know the cover was three weeks ago, but after consideration over the last few weeks, my attitude is that I would like to hear the Vaccines album. As for Brother…they dream of headlining Glastonbury. Give me Jay-Z any day.