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CocknBullKid -‘Adulthood.’ (Moshi Moshi/Island)

The debut album from Anita Blay is one of the releases I have been most looking forward to this year. Shortly before Christmas at the end of last year, I received a promo of five tracks from this twelve track album, and I was certainly won over. Now that the final, finished product has arrived, it has been well worth the wait overall.

Ms. Blay’s music is a clever and infectious mix of high quality pop, fifty years of soul and R’n’B and generous lashings of indie. the three singles released so far from this album -‘One Eye Closed,’ ‘Asthma Attack’ and the particularly excellent ‘Hold On To Your Misery’demonstrate how great her music is, and how varied and diverse both her influences are and her approach.

Perhaps there are a couple of duff tracks (‘Mexico’ and ‘Hoarder(The House That Heartbreak Built)’) but this is a strong debut. In a landscape littered with faux-folk and meat’n’two veg indie bands, Ms. Blay is a very welcome presence. She is a real star and it would be nothing short of a crying shame if the general public do not make this a huge hit.


Adulthood is released on May 23 on Moshi Moshi/Island.

Cocknbullkid – Cocknbullkid by gilda intheair

My top tip for 2011 – CocknBullKid


I’m going to put my neck on the line here and say that the person who deserves to become a star most of all in the next twelve months is one Anita Blay, AKA CocknBullKid.

Though she’s been around for a couple of years now, and has released stuff on Moshi Moshi (the London-based label that has been responsible for early releases by the likes of Hot Chip, Bloc Party, Kate Nash and The Drums), She is now signed to Island. The last few months have seen here support Kele Okereke and Marina and the Diamonds

2011 will see the release of her debut album, entitled Adulthood. The five track sampler that arrived at 17 Seconds Towers just before Christmas suggests that this is a lady who deserves to go places. She leaves Kate Nash and Lily Allen standing and if she’s not battling it out with Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry by the end of the year it’ll be a travesty.

This was the first single released through Island -‘One Eye Closed’

This was her 2009 single ‘I’m Not Sorry.’

…and her forthcoming single ‘Hold Onto Your Misery’ is a five star slice of excellence. No links to post it but this. This is due for release on February 21, 2011.

Meanwhile this is her self-titled track ‘CocknBullKid’

CocknBullKid -‘CocknBullKid.’ mp3

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