2 dance remixes for you…


Doves. Yes, them again… : )

‘There’s always been a dance element to our music!’ protested many bands, nearly twenty years ago, as they tried to jump on the madchester bandwagon. Whatever…or as my students would have it: whatevaaaahhhh.

Anyway, two dance remixes for you.

First up, Chris Cornell gets the remix treatment of his life from Steve Aoki on this track:

Chris Cornell -‘Part Of me (Steve Aoki mix).’ mp3

Meanwhile, the net is truly beginning to buzz with remixes for the new Doves album Kingdom Of Rust. Doves, of course, do have a genuine claim to dance, given that they used to be Sub Sub (I will have to post ‘Ain’t No Love, Ain’t No Use’ one of these days).

Here’s another one (and the links for the last Doves related post I did is still active)…this time ‘Push me On’ is remixed by Playgroup, who were responsible for one of my favourite dance tracks, nay, tracks full stop, of this decade ‘Make It Happen.’ So much so that I owned four different 12″s of it at one stage…but there is only so much space in the flat.

Doves -‘Push Me On (Playgroup Megamix).’ mp3

Hope you enjoy these, btw.

The return of Maximo Park…and Doves


Is there still a market for indie guitar music in 2009? As the NME pointed out today, recent albums from the likes of the Fratellis, Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs have bombed (umm, I only got the Kaiser Chiefs one; the lead-off single from the Razorlight one was awful). But I’d like to think that there is still an audience for good indie rock.

Maximo Park are set to return with their third album in may, entitled Quicken the Heart. They have made this track ‘Wraithlike’ available as a free download.

Whilst to some ears this two and a half minute track seems to be too weird, I like this. quirky, different -but still Maximo Park.

See what you think:

Maximo Park -‘Wraithlike.’ mp3


Meanwhile, Doves’ fourth album Kingdom Of Rust is out next month. As well as ‘Jetstream’ from the album which has been doing the rounds for about six weeks now, there is also a remix of the title track doing the rounds as well.

Doves -‘Kingdom Of Rust (Still Going remix).’ mp3

Oh go on, then… ; ))

Doves -‘Jetstream.’ mp3

The return of Doves


Not before time, Doves are back!

A mere four years after the release of Some Cities, Doves return with their new album Kingdom Of Rust.

In tribute to Bladerunner, they have written a song called ‘Jetstream’ which is the opening song on the album and sets it off to what would be a fantastic start, from the sound of it. It sounds obvious to describe this as cinematic, but it’s really the most appropriate thing to say.

…great to have them back!

Doves -‘Jetstream.’ mp3

Doves website/Doves myspace